Regency Chair Restoration

The leg of this Regency chair (circa 1820) was snapped off. The leg was reattached and the surrounding area was restored in keeping with the condition of the rest of the chair.

Mirror Restoration

The mirror beading on this family heirloom was badly damaged. A new circular beading was made to hold the domed antique mirror in place.

Chinese Bowl Restoration

A new lease of life was given to this Chinese “antique” dish. It arrived on my workbench in 27 puzzle pieces, no two pieces were the same. It took a while to get them all in the right place but it was worth it.

Fruit Bowl Restoration

This 45 year old fruit bowl was abused and badly stained. I sanded it back, ebonized and oiled it for a new shiny black finish. Now you can clearly see the beautiful grain of the Douglas fir. Maybe it will last another 45 years now.